Here are some of the lovely testimonials I've had from my wonderful customers

Gill took us for a tour when we recently visited LA. We had a ball. She took us everywhere and not only was she extremely knowledgeable, but she was funny with it. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone with an interest in the Beatles or who is just visiting LA

Sharon and Alex

It was the best Valentine's Day gift my wife could have given me... what a day we had! Thanks Gillian....

Harold B Rubin

Gillian's tours are awesome!! I've been on one of her tours before, and it's a wonderful time exploring all the LA sites made famous in Beatles history-- as well as many "little-known" sites that only a Beatles insider would know about. During the tour, she tells us stories about why that site is so notable. It's a great time of not only getting to know fellow Beatles fans, but our Beatles tour guide as well. I would highly recommend taking this tour if you haven't already. You won't be disappointed and will leave knowing lots more Beatles trivia and tidbits than before

Debbie Overman