Here are some of the lovely testimonials I've had from my wonderful customers

 This tour is fantastic! It was great to finally see all of the sites i've heard about for so long. It was so much fun! Thanks Gillian!


 I recently took this tour and had so much fun, that I want to take it again. Gillian is not only informative, but really funny and entertaining.


As a lifelong, first generation Beatle fan I really enjoyed the tour. It's fun to see Beatles sights, past and present. Real fans need to take this tour.


Heard you on BwtB. In '73, I was at the Windmill Chapel looking for a copy of Enoch; & now hear I could've stood where George would go. Far out!

Robert Meyer

I've been a fan of The Fabs since 1964. Anyone interested in Beatle history should definitely roll up for Gillian's Magical History Tour! I had a great time & got to finally see the famous spots that I knew were here but never took the time to search for them. On this tour I saw them all in 4 hours! A splendid time for sure!!!

Rod Stouch

I have never met a more well versed entertaining tour guide than Gillian and her knowledge of everything Fab Four is unequalled. I totally recommend you taking the tour. You'll come away saying it was a "Fabulous" History Tour. LA needed something like you for a long time. OH, and you rock on the radio.


 I took this tour and highly recommend it to all Beatles fans. I loved every minute of it and I am planning on taking it again.


G,day ,from down under. Can't wait to take the magical [m] history tour . Book me a seat I am on my way via the last plane to Sydney

Rob Hogg

 Hi Gill, what a fantastic tour you have organized. It's so unique and it looks really fun. I can't wait to get to L.A. and go on this. Some of the places you have inluded in your itiney are so special. Fantastic stuff. Well done. I'm also from Merseyside and ace grown up surrounded by The Beatles and their music etc. This is a must for not only Beatles fans but anyone wanting a very special experience whilst in L.A. See you soon for this one


Hi Gillian, You know I was on the original MMT. Let's hope everyone has as much fun as I did then with this one! All You Need is Love!

Spencer Davis (The Spencer Davis Group & cast member of The Magical Mystery Tour)