Here are some of the lovely testimonials I've had from my wonderful customers

 This tour is a lot of fun and very informative, too. We took it and recommend it highly.

Steve Marinucci (Beatles journalist)

Hi Gill. Had a great time on the tour. Anyone who hasn't gone, it's a real blast.

John Avants

Thank you for an amazing tour!

Heather McManus

 I heard about this tour in London, and while on holiday in Los Angeles I signed up for the 4 hour fun-filled Beatles trip. I had so much fun, that I took the tour again the following week. Not only did I learn a lot of Beatles history, but I met some interesting people. Next time I am back in LA, I will take it again.


A fascinating, well researched, and enjoyable tour. We were thrilled to learn all the Beatles history in LA with Gillian as our tour guide. Highly recommend this tour for all Beatles fans.

R. Lewis (LA Times)

This tour is a "Must See" for anyone who is visiting the L.A. area. Gillian is fabulous and does this tour to perfection. She's personable, witty, and has so much knowledge about the Beatles. I didn't feel like I was with a tour guide, I felt like I was being shown the sites by a friend.Bobby Fury: If you're a fan of the Beatles and you live near or are visiting Los Angeles, this is a wonderful tour. You'll see Beatle homes, the home where the Beatles and Elvis met, the Capitol Records building, and the Hollywood Bowl to name a few. Gillian, the tour guide, is a very knowledgeable Beatles person, is very friendly and on top of that is just really cool!

Sue M.

My husband & I had a great time on your tour. I knew I would enjoy it, Beatlemaniac that I am, but my husband did too. He was amazed at your total rock & roll knowledge. It was heartwarming to me to actually talk to someone who knows so much about them...first hand. Everything about the tour was great...all of the landmarks, but especially all of the tidbits of info that you don't usually know or hear about. My brother would like to go someday, so, hopefully we'll see you again soon. You're great!

Debbie Hill Johnson

Thank you so much, Gillian, for such a fabulous time! Who knew there were so many Beatle-related sites in the LA area?! We particularly enjoyed Lake Shrine... what a beautiful place! Never thought we'd see something like that in LA. Thank you for being such a fun and informative guide, and for putting together such a lovely tour! Cheers

Terry, Kathy, and Stacey

 I'm coming from Norway to take the tour on March 21. Have been looking forward to it since December!

And after the tour, Jon said

 Your tour fullfilled all our wishes, and you're a great raconteur with a nice wit. I recommend it to all Beatle fans. You even get to see the houses of Paul and Ringo!
Jon Vidar Bergan

We all had so much fun with Gillian showing all the sites. So much history...so many memories and lots of good music to take us along the magical tour. I can't wait to go again