Here are some of the lovely testimonials I've had from my wonderful customers

Your tour was fascinating. My friends and I had so much fun. Thanks so much for for taking us around all the places. We wouldn't have known all the Los Angeles Beatles history if it wasn't for you. I recommend this tour to all Beatles fans.


Hey Gill, Enjoyed the Private Tour last week ! Thank you so very much for spending your time with me on the tour, I enjoyed it very much. It was a great highlight for me to show the pictures to my family when I returned to Tennessee - they said they felt like they were there with me.


 I can't wait to go on this tour. Ive heard so much about it and I'm a huge Beatles fan. Ive listened to Gillian's Beatles news reports for years. She is the best!


Was recently in Los Angeles on holiday and took the tour after coming across a flyer. I must say, I didn't know what to expect, but after having spent the most part of the day with Gillian on the tour, it was the highlight of the entire trip for me.

Nigel M.

As one who teaches a course on the Beatles, I was particularly interested in learning about all the Beatles' connections to the LA area to share with my students. And I wasn't disappointed! Gillian was entertaining, professional, and an excellent guide to all the sights in the area! I was impressed at just how much was there--their houses, hangouts, performance spots, and much more. I strongly recommend the tour to all Beatlefans -- Gillian's tour rocks!


 I recently took this fab tour and the time just flew by. We learned so much and found Gillian to be the perfect tour guide. So many Beatles sites in Los Angeles, yet many people do not connect LA to the Beatles. I've been on other Beatles tours in London and Liverpool, but this one is my favorite. I highly recommend this.


 Last Saturday, along with 5 other women, Francisco (our friendly videographer) and the lovely Gillian took the Magical History Tour and it was exactly that! MAGICAL!! We all enjoyed the lovely weather we had that day, Gillian's quick wit and humor, Beatles music blaring on the stereo, and plenty of Beatles historical sites to see, pose in front of, and sense the presence of the history each stop had for us!! I recommend this magical tour to ANYONE who has a LOVE for Beatles!!

Tari Kelley

You get more than your moneys worth. It's a tour that is over 4 hours long with lots of great stuff to see and interesting info. Thanks Gilly.

Paul M.

Thank You so much Gillian I had such a wonderful time I liked the way she's got "Ticket To Ride" was playing when I steppd into the Van, Thank You for your patience I wanted to cry I could not believe I finally was able to walk in Beatles steps, I have lived in L.A. all my life and never knew how close I was to them. Yes, This tour is worth every penny!!

Marcie Miller

Thanks Gillian, Lots of great memories and a fun trip! It was like your reliving the days with a family member! Highly recommend this tour!