Gillian's tours are awesome!! I've been on one of her tours before, and it's a wonderful time exploring all the LA sites made famous in Beatles history-- as well as many "little-known" sites that only a Beatles insider would know about. During the tour, she tells us stories about why that site is so notable. It's a great time of not only getting to know fellow Beatles fans, but our Beatles tour guide as well. I would highly recommend taking this tour if you haven't already. You won't be disappointed and will leave knowing lots more Beatles trivia and tidbits than before

Debbie Overman

Step right this way for the Magical History Tour

Los Angeles probably has the best climate in the world and California is probably the prettiest state in America with beautiful beaches and landscapes. Not only that, L. A. is filled with many exciting things to do and different events happening every day – it’s no wonder the Beatles all chose to live here at one time.
The Magical History tour will be a FABulous, fun, memorable experience. The tour begins in Santa Monica and ends in Hollywood. Along with Santa Monica, we will visit Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Bel-Air, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. The Beatles first arrived here in 1964 and all four band members lived and owned homes in LA.
This exclusive Beatles tour of Los Angeles takes you to the places where the Beatles lived, where they frequented, the venues where they have performed
and the studio where they recorded.
Also included on this tour – some things Beatles related – and of course a bit of History.
The tours start at 10am at a designated meeting point, depending on where people are coming from.
To make a reservation please go to the contact page.
The tour is approximately 3.5-4 hours long, and we will stop for a short break.

The cost of the tour is only $75 per person

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It was the best Valentine's Day gift my wife could have given me... what a day we had! Thanks Gillian....

Harold B Rubin